CH3 遠光燈 High Beam

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Car High Beam LED Headlight module

CH3 simultion







產品特色 Characteristic:


2.產品符合ECE R112 Class B HB
Low power consumption,Brighter than Halogen Bulbs
Comply with Regulation of ECE/SAE/GB


產品規格 Specification:

1.消耗功率 Power consumption: 11.7W
2.照明範圍 Illumination Range: H = ±11°,V = ±2°
3.Emax = 100(lx)  ; 268meter 1(lx)
4.色溫 Color Temperature: 5700K
5.工作壽命 Life time: 20000 HR
6.光通量 Flux: 840 lm


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