Aim on Perfect Design、And light up your future。

ADI optics under the Taiwan ADI Group, is the only supported under ADI Group optoelectronic enterprises.

ADI Group based in Taiwan Think globally, currently Group Holdings containing electronic communications industry, footwear, petrochemicals, air transport, education, etc.

ADI support and leadership in the group advance to research and decelopment as the main work. And made a number of patents
for LED headlight of automobile in three years. Aim on becoming a global automotive LED lighting technology, leading companies.


R&D Introduction

ADI OPTICS combine Optics、Mechanics、Modflow、Thermal、Electrics、Firmware...etc total solution to our client,
Make sure our products' quality and quantity.

Optical design:Comply with the regulation of ECE/SAE/GB by ADI optical design.

Thermal analysis:Promoting LED lighting efficiency and life by ADI thermal analysis.

Moldflow:Confirm the actual with design of the lens by ADI moldflow.

Optical design


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Thermal analysis


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